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Kamelia Lines operate the Despina (pictured) and Christa boats between Lefkimmi in the south of Corfu and Paxos. Their service includes a transfer bus between the airport and Lefkimmi port. The total journey time between Corfu airport and Paxos is 2 hours (including the bus transfer).

Paxos Island hydrofoil

Kekyra Lines operate the Paxos Island hydrofoil (pictured) between Corfu Town and Paxos, taking approximately 1 hour.

Ilida hydrofoil

Joy Cruises operate the Ilida Dolphin hydrofoil (pictured), which takes approximately 1 hour from Corfu Town to Paxos, as well as the Paxos Express which takes approximately one and a half hours for the same journey.

Marine traffic

Marine Traffic is a live map for tracking and identifying ferries, cruise ships and other vessels. Click the search icon on the left then type Gaios into the box marked ‘Vessel,Port’.

Flight radar

Flight radar provides real-time information about aircraft, which can be helpful to track aircraft arriving into and departing from Corfu airport.


Gaios webcam

This live streaming webcam in Gaios views the southern entrance to the harbour, opposite the Green Man statue.


Our interactive Lionfish map is a map recording sightings of lionfish around Paxos.  Click on this link for more information about this invasive fish, or to add your sighting.

This very helpful guide (written by locals) tells you everything you need to know about Paxos. Find out what to do, where to eat, what’s on and so much more.


Paxos Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) aims to increase veterinary care on Paxos, continue to support winter feeding of the island’s cats and to pursue education.

Plastic free Paxos

A registered non-profit organisation whose volunteers help to preserve the natural beauty of Paxos by regular cleaning of beaches and port waters, clearing and signalling of footpaths. They also focus on waste management, particularly by taking actions to reduce the use of plastic on the island.


For users of Facebook, ‘Holidays in Paxos’ is a good place to share ideas, view pictures and read posts by those who enjoy holidaying on Paxos.



Here you will find the weather forecast for the week ahead, with particular emphasis on wind speed and direction.


This provides a general weather forecast for the week ahead.

Real time lightning map

This real time lightning map shows the exact position of lightning strikes in your area.