Travel Sustainable Measures

We acknowldge that all aspects of tourism put pressure on the island’s natural resources and infrastruture, so we have taken steps to help make travel more sustainable and provide a more environmentally friendly stay.

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Rainwater harvesting

Rain is directed from the roof of the villa to a large underground water tank (sterna) and is filtered before use. This reduces reliance on precious local authority water and is also kinder to garden plants that are not keen on desalinated water.

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Drinking water tap

A reverse osmosis water filter is located beneath the kitchen sink. This provides water that tastes great and results in a saving of 2,000 plastic water bottles each year.

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Solar water heating

Our solar panels use energy from the sun to save thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

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Energy efficient lighting

All light bulbs (both inside and out) are LED (with the exception of the oven and microwave). The outside lights are also automatic dusk to dawn sensing and the garden lighting is solar powered.

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Double glazed windows and doors

All our windows and doors are double glazed with heat reflecting glass. As a result, the transfer of heat is reduced and the property remains cooler in the summer, thus reducing energy usage.

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Inverter air conditioning

We have four high quality Mitsubishi units which are rated A++. These are twice as efficient as older style units, but remain quiet and powerful.

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The Bosch Super Silence Dishwasher is energy rated A++. It uses only 11 litres of water each wash.

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Dual flush toilets

All three bathrooms have dual flush toilets to help reduce unecessary water consumption.

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Stainless steel straws

These reusable straws are strong and durable. They reduce single use plastics and are also dishwasher proof.

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Recycling bin

A separate recycling bin is provided to help reduce the pressure on landfill.

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Reusable shopping bags

We support Plastic Free Paxos and provide reusable canvas shopping bags which we invite you to take home as a keepsake of your stay in Paxos.

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